Code of Ethics

The PWCA is a Canadian association comprised of members owning, and/or breeding Pembroke Welsh Corgis, who are interested in protecting the breed.

  • In order to achieve this goal all members will comply with the Bylaws of this Association as well as the rules of the Canadian Kennel Club and the Animal Pedigree Act.
  • All members will provide their Corgis with appropriate housing, food and health care as outlined in the Canadian Veterinary Association’s “Code of Practice For Canadian Kennel Operations”.
  • All members will protect the breed from excessive commercialization, preserve and enhance the breed’s natural characteristics and maintain good public relations by ensuring their Corgis function responsibility in the communities in which they live.
  • All members will promote friendly relations among Corgi owners and educate new owners in the responsible raising, training, showing and breeding of their Corgis to maintain the breed’s reputation.
  • All breeders will mate only Canadian Kennel Club registered (or registerable) stock which have undergone the recommended tests; refrain from selling puppies at unrealistically low prices; discourage undesirable owners; discourage too frequent breeding; keep the required Canadian Kennel Club breeding records; identify and register all puppies produced and use the Canadian Kennel Club Non-Breeding Contract where applicable.
  • Stud dog owners will: refuse service to an inferior bitch, an unregistered bitch or a bitch whose owner has motives for breeding other than to improve their stock; will provide adequate facilities for their dogs as well as visiting bitches and will use a stud service contract which includes a return service in the event there are no puppies from the initial service.
  • Bitch owners: will be selective in their choice of a stud dog, provide proper housing and veterinary care for the bitch and her puppies; humanely dispose of any puppy with extreme defects; refuse sale of puppies to any commercial operations; puppy mill breeders or multi-breed kennels; refrain from breeding a bitch in poor health or more than every second season; refrain from placing barely weaned puppies to avoid expenses and remove from their breeding program bitches producing extreme breed faults.
  • Members are encouraged to ensure provision for their dog(s) in the event of the death or incapacity of the owner via their Last Will and Testament.