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Application for Membership

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According to the Bylaws of the PWCA applicants for membership should be aware of the following:

ARTICLE III, Membership:

Section A: Eligibility.

Membership shall be open to any person over the age of 18 who subscribes to the objectives of the Association.

Section H: Election To Membership

Each application for membership shall be proposed and seconded by a member in good standing. Applications and fees shall be sent to the National Association Secretary.
    Applicants names and addresses shall be published in the Courier. Failing this the Secretary shall notify the membership of the applications received.

  1.  New applicants shall become Associate members one month following publication if there are NOT five (5) written objections. Should a new applicant be rejected the secretary shall notify the applicant in writing and announce the rejection in the Courier giving the reason for the objection and the names of those objecting. The secretary shall also notify the proposer and seconder of the rejected applicant.
  2.  anyone objecting to an applicant must state, in writing, legitimate reasons for objecting and must have personal knowledge of the applicant.



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